for K-12 students this summer & fall in Doylestown
science + technology + engineering + art + math

Labs this summer & fall will focus on storytelling, game design, physical computing and design thinking.
Developed at Columbia University

dtown sparks

dtown sparks is a POP-UP LEARNING LAB focused on harnessing the power of storytelling to educate, inspire, and empower students to become global changemakers and leaders. Our programs mix story, play, design, and coding to teach 21st century skills (communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity) in a fresh and exciting way. Our Lab harness student’s creative efforts and channel them into real-world solutions for local community needs.

dtown sparks is a think and do local/global program that is rooted in a pedagogy developed by the LEARN DO SHARE initiative @ Columbia University. Founded by Lance Weiler who serves as the Director of Experiential Learning & Applied Creativity at Columbia University, dtown sparks is an innovative new program that is being prototyped in Doylestown. Our goal is to launch year-round after school, weekend and summer programing starting in 2017.

This summer and fall Weiler and the Connected Sparks team will be hosting a series of POP-UP LEARNING LABS throughout Doylestown. Some labs are free and others have a fee, however space is limited and available on a first come first serve basis.

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dtown sparks is a grass-roots effort designed to provide summer, after-school and weekend programming for students K-12. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us below.

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Are you interested in helping dtown sparks grow? Do you have computer skills? Are you an educator? Do you enjoy making and tinkering with things? Are you retried and looking to share your wisdom? If so we could use your help!

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The workshop was developed at the Columbia University Digital Storytelling Lab and is focused on teaching 21st Century Skills

Special 6 week storytelling and game design workshop is coming to Doylestown. A limited number of students will have the unique opportunity to learn from industry experts as they step into a project based learning experience. Over the course of 6 weeks students grades 9th through 12th will learn how to design, build and run an “escape the room“ game. A relatively new format, “escape the room“ games combine physical space, puzzles and team play.

Space is limited. To read more about this unique opportunity see below.

is coming to Doylestown
Thursday, June 30th
10am, 1pm, 3:30pm
Brick Simple
22 S Main St. 2nd Floor

A little robot scientist with a big heart named Lyka is coming to Doylestown this summer. She’s traveled over 35,000 miles and has visited thousands of students around the world.

On Thursday, June 30th you’ll have an opportunity to meet Lyka and help her to learn about the world, while problem solving and thinking critically about the things she needs to understand. You’ll also teach her about empathy and communication. Each lab is limited to 15 participants which is available on a first come first serve bias. After we hit capacity we’ll start a wait list.

Waiting List

Meet the


dtown sparks events, labs, workshops and programs are staffed by a wonderful group of storytellers, makers, educators, programmers & engineers.



Lance Weiler is an award winning storyteller, an alumni of the Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab and is the Director of Experiential Learning & Applied Creativity at Columbia University. He’s been a Bucks County residence for most of his life.



Susie Kavanaugh is currently completing her masters in Cognitive Studies in Learning at Columbia University. Susie reviews and collaborates with the team on product design and media to ensure the experience is promoting collaboration, innovation, design, and imagination.



Barrie Adleberg is an imaginative play designer, master people connector, and expert kid experience translator. With an expertise in creative educational tech, Barrie loves bringing inspired products and programs to life through collaborative ideation.


Special thanks to our partners who help make dtown sparks possible. If you’d like to partner with us please drop us a line.

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